• 120 minutes

    Relaxing Royal Couple + Citrus Bath

    IDR 3,700,000 | IDR 2,220,000

    Treat yourself with a royal Bali style treatment for two and the classic Citrus Bath to achieve the pinnacle of tropical luxury.

  • 120 minutes

    Kaveri Signature Couple

    IDR 3,500,000 | IDR 2,100,000

    A signature couple treatment with a range of wellness treatment and our renowned Celebration of Flowers by the end of the treatment.

  • 150 minutes

    Kaveri Indulgent + Bath of Flower Petals

    IDR 1,800,000 | IDR 1,080,000

    Energize your body and enjoy a moment of healing and cleansing for a mood-boosting experience.

  • 120 minutes

    Kaveri Rejuvenating Couple + Celebration of Flowers

    IDR 3.700,000 | IDR 2,220,000

    A special package for two to enter a moment of healing directed to have your physical state and mind in sync.

  • 150 minutes

    Balinese Package

    IDR 2,100,000 | IDR 1,260,000

    Get yourself a full body Balinese treatment with Citrus Bath as closure. Experience the life of a Balinese royalty.

  • 150 Minutes

    Kaveri Indulgent + Celebration of Flowers

    IDR 2,300,000 | IDR 1,380,000

    Rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul with a full holistic treatment of Kaveri Indulgent. Indulge yourself to a divine wellness experience.

  • 150 minutes

    Pampering Package

    IDR 2,100,000 | IDR 1,260,000

    Treat yourself from head to toe with our wholesome self-pampering package and perfect the treatment with our famous signature flower bath.