• 120 minutes

    Relaxing Royal Couple + Citrus Bath

    Treat yourself in Bali with a royal treatment and the classic milk bath.
    Relaxing is the initial purpose of this royal treatment that begins with Traditional Balinese Massage, offering a holistic experience for both your mind and physical conditions. Aside from massage, Body Scrub and Body Mask sessions are included to vitalize the skin cells before you end the treatment with a refreshing Citrus Bath.

  • 120 minutes

    Kaveri Signature Couple

    Our favorite signature couple treatment with the famous Celebration of Flowers in the end.
    The signature package consists of a thorough Traditional Balinese Massage to begin your couple session. After a relaxing massage, your skin will be taken care of with a benefit-rich Chocolate Body Mask which is known for the antioxidant source. At the end of the session, you and your loved one will have a quality 45 minutes of romantic Celebration of Flowers.

  • 150 minutes

    Kaveri Indulgent + Bath of Flower Petals

    Energize your body and cleanse the tired skin to lift up your mood.
    Recharge your body, mind, and soul with Kaveri Indulgent that starts with a great full-body Kaveri Royal Massage which works best for relaxation. Body Scrub and Body Mask are the next steps to cleanse and nourish your skin with several choices of a calming scent. You will finish the treatments with an exotic bath of flower petals.

  • 120 minutes

    Kaveri Rejuvenating Couple + Celebration of Flowers

    As it goes by the name, this package will rejuvenate your physical and mind in sync.
    Heal your tired body after a long trip with Kaveri Rejuvenating Couple package that starts with the great Traditional Balinese Massage. When your body already gets taken care of, you will proceed to nourish your skin with a beneficial Body Scrub and Body Mask and calm your soul with Bali's iconic Celebration of Flowers as the closure.

  • 150 minutes

    Balinese Package

    While you are in Bali, get yourself a full body Balinese treatment with Citrus Bath as closure.
    A rejuvenating treatment package that works to maximize your skin conditions after having fun under Bali’s bright sky. This package consists of Traditional Balinese Massage to treat your tight muscles from all the activity, Body Scrub and Body Mask to soothe the skin and a Vitamin C rich Citrus Bath to complete the skin-nourishing treatment.

  • 150 Minutes

    Kaveri Indulgent + Celebration of Flowers

    Recharge your body, mind, and soul with a full treatment of Kaveri indulgence
    Recharge your body, mind, and soul with a treatment that starts out full-body Kaveri Royal Massage which works best for relaxation. Body scrub and Body Mask are the next step to cleanse and nourish your skin. You will finish the treatment with the signature Celebration of Flowers for perfection.

  • 150 minutes

    Pampering Package

    Treat yourself from face to toe and finish up with our famous signature flower bath.
    Give yourself some time to have an authentic self-pampering journey with Pampering Package. Begin with a full-body Traditional Balinese Massage to loosen up the tense and continue with Body Scrub and Body Mask to freshen up your skin with some nourishing natural goodness. To end the pampering ritual, it is only right to have the exotic Celebration of Flowers for the best Kaveri Spa’s experience.