• 90 minutes

    Deep Tissue Massage

    A method to release all the stressed muscles and loosening circulation.
    When your tight muscles are asking for some remedy, a muscle-relieving Deep Tissue Massage should be the medicine. Treat your tensed body with a massage that focuses on meridian points and muscles grouping by well-thought movements of palm, elbow, forearm, perfectly paired with soothing stretching and long strokes along the body line.

  • 60 minutes

    Foot Reflexology

    Focus on your reflexology points for overall health improvement.
    Your body does the wonder of having these reflexology points on the feet that connects to the organs of other body parts. Through this reflexology session, you will get your points stimulated to improve other organs, work on the imbalances, and have your body repaired. The massage is especially effective after a long, tiring activity.

  • 60 minutes

    Traditional Balinese Massage

    The true Balinese massage for your Balinese holistic experience.
    Bring yourself closer to relaxation in the most Balinese way. Traditional touches with combined techniques of stretching, kneading, sliding, and pressure points will bring relief to your tensed muscle and leave you breathing loosely. A truly great method to cure your muscle pains and sleeping disorder with the local's way.

  • 90 minutes

    Kaveri Royal Massage

    Our specialized royal massage for utmost relaxation.
    A great massage is all about composed relaxation, the essential we believed when we crafted Kaveri Royal Massage techniques. Mainly consists of soothing gentle strokes, this massage serves lighter pressure done with purest essential oils in a hope of thorough physical and mental healing. This is undoubtedly something you can seek for holistic leisure.

  • 30 minutes

    Neck and Shoulder Massage

    Stretch the stiff neck and shoulder after a long tiring day.
    Stiffness in the neck and shoulder area from constant activity and movement can be released with a soothing Neck & Shoulder Massage. It is combined with traditional massage of unwinding stroke to release the stress and tension on the specific points. It is also found to work on the back muscle, especially if it is sore.

  • 90 minutes

    Hot Stone Massage

    Circulate your overall blood flow and recharge your body with warm stones.
    Heated smooth-textured stones placed on your specific body points is the key to this massage session. Expect to have your blood circulation increased, flexibility improved and totally loosening as the body is treated with a deep massage that goes along the way. You will leave your session with nothing but a contented joy of a relaxed body.